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Our Tea selection

  • Premium Organic Quality

  • Our teas are all sourced from certified organic producers.

  • The luxury tea bags are handcrafted and biodegradable


Purple Breeze     Darjeeling
delicate – sweet
Harvested in traditional tea gardens on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. A Darjeeling with a characteristically mellow aroma.


Ceylon Sunrise    English Breakfast
aromatic – invigorating
An exclusive pleasure from Sri Lanka, a country with a rich tea tradition. Thanks to its full, intense and invigorating flavor, this tea will appeal to even the most discerning tea drinker. 


Gentle Blue     Earl Grey
bracing – floral
Perfumed with organically grown bergamot, this prime quality black tea classic has tantalizing fresh hints of citrus. 


Black Chai     Blend of black tea and spices
spicy – strong
Black tea with a bouquet of exotic spices in a piquant combination that remains imprinted on the memory. Black Chai is particularly tasty with the addition of a little milk. 


Ceylon Decaf     Decaffeinated black tea
decaffeinated – strong-flavored
An exclusive variety from one of the world's traditional tea-growing regions, Sri Lanka. Refreshing, balanced and strong-flavored, this tea will impress even the most discerning connoisseur.


Japanese Sencha     Japanese green tea
refreshing – intense
This traditional green tea from Japan is cultivated organically and is very popular in its homeland thanks to its full-bodied, piquant aroma. 


Green Jasmine    Green tea with jasmine scent
elegant – floral
Gentle green tea enriched with the fragrance of delicate jasmine blossoms guarantee an elegantly sensuous experience.


White Peach    White tea with peach flavor
fruity – mild
A prime quality white tea from China, enhanced with natural peachy aromas. The perfect combination for lovers of mild, fruit-flavored
teas with a delicate, understated sweetness.


Verbena    Verbena tea
citrusy – refreshing
Organically grown, delectable lemon verbena from Morocco with a deliciously zesty flavor; invigorating and refreshing

Rooibos Tangerine    Rooibos tea with tangerine
mellow – fruity
Unmistakable, organically grown rooibos from the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa – pleasant, fruity and caffeine-free.
The delicate hint of tangerine adds to the inimitability of this blend. 


Winter Moments    Rooibos tea with spices
spicy – fruity
Unique, organically grown rooibos, warming spices such as honeybush, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, licorice root and cloves, and hints of orange. The perfect way to turn cold winter days into cosy, memorable moments.


Moroccan Mint    Moroccan mint tea
brisk – energizing
Fascinates with its incomparable, intense flavor and the invigorating aroma of genuine and pure Moroccan nana mint. A refreshing pleasure for all the senses. 


Piz Palü     Swiss herbal tea
beneficial – harmonious
A magical blend of the finest natural ingredients from the organic mountain herb gardens of the Swiss Alps. Beneficial and stimulating, with an enticing aroma. 


Ginger Lemon Dream    Ginger lemongrass tea
exotic – spicy
Natural ingredients, skillfully combined to produce a superbly exotic enjoyment factor. A refreshing, sweet-spicy combination that revitalizes both body and soul.


Red Kiss    Fruit tea
crisp – fruity
A select blend of sun-ripened organic ingredients bursting with sensuous fruity flavors. Beguiles even the most discriminating of palates.


Wellness Tea Pure Power – Morning    Green tea with mate and citrus
zesty & invigorating
Stimulates the mind and energizes the body: an invigorating and zesty composition with the fresh tang of lemons. A wonderful pick-me-up, especially in the morning. 



Cup    CHF 3.90

Pot of tea    CHF 5.20


Prices in CHF including VAT

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