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The Legend of La Mutisia: Flower of True Love

In Patagonia, there blooms a flower with delicate petals, in many colors, on bright green vines. This flower - la Mutisia - is revered as a sacred symbol of profound love. Why?

Here is the legend passed down through centuries: Long ago, there lived two rival tribes, constantly at war. In spite of this hatred, the daughter of one chief fell deeply in love with the son of the other. To hide their love, they met in the woods at night.

One evening, a tribal witch walked by and heard a bird croaking - a special bird called a ximango whose croaking was a bad omen. She went to investigate and spied the lovers kissing. She ran and told her chief.

Fueled by fear, the chief ordered the capture and death of the lovers. The natives found the couple and tied them – holding hands - to a tree. The lovers were attacked with stones and spears and left for dead.

The next morning, the natives were shocked to find the bodies gone. Instead, wrapped tightly around the tree was a bright green vine blooming with delicate red-orange flowers. The natives fell on their knees, ashamed of their actions. They understood that love was stronger than hate. From that day, the flower has been considered a sacred symbol of true love.

This flower is la Mutisia.

The Legend


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